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What is Gazok Age?

Cartoon pictures, hairy characters and dinosaurs

Gazok Age is a multiplayer turn based strategy game. More than that it is a game where players can compete online or on the same device with each others on fully customisable game boards.

Fully customisable game boards

Gazok Age allows you to face players from anywhere on game boards you / they created. Embrace the fame by creating and sharing new game boards in a user-friendly integrated map editor. Or simply let your curiosity take the lead and face players from everywhere in diverse environments and places.

Turn based strategy

In Gazok Age you lead an army of hairy characters named the "Gazoks" into battle. Each turn each player has to make the best of his army by choosing between a various number of possibilities.

Game modes

The game proposes different challenging game modes that allow you to change the means to victory and therefore the pace of the game. In Gazok Age you can create maps playable by up to six players with any possible alliances you can imagine.

Who we are

A small team of passionated students from the "42" school

Originaly, Gazok Age is a school project created and initiated by us to learn and see what we could do as a game development team. We believe Gazok Age can become even more than that. We hope that with your help we will be able to make Gazok Age a great game.

A talented musician

For the music of the game we had the chance to get help from Arnaud Quevedo, a musician and composer since the late 90. for Arnaud Gazok Age was a way to rally his passion for music and his interests for video games through a project that is both original and fun. Along side this project Arnaud teaches Amplified Modern Musics at the "Conservatoire de Niort (79) France", and you can also find him through his music group OniZ for which one he is the main guitarist.

You want to play the game?

Right now the game is in its early days and maybe you can help

If you want to play the game and you think you can help us improve it, contact us on or on our Facebook page to join the testing phase.

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